JDY006 – Yamaha YZ450F (06-09)/ WR450F (07-11)



Main jets

Multi-taper needles

Detailed instructions

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James Dean designed and perfected this jetting kit over years. The jet kit includes instructions and charts that carefully walk through the installation process and offer guidance to help get peak performance at all elevations and in all conditions. Since this kit was designed and tested on your model, JDJetting discovered fueling issues holding back performance. This kit also includes the parts and a detailed walkthrough to remedy the problems with the carburetor’s accelerator pump that makes throttle response sluggish. That way, your bike can run its best out on the roads and trails!

Parts List


  • main jets
  • idle jet
  • JDJetting custom needles and clip
  • Accelerator pump O-ring mod
  • JDJetting Sticker
  • Installation charts and instructions

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